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As places on our tours are limited, bookings are made on a first-come, first-served basis. Please check availability with us then complete a Booking Form, which with payment of your deposit, will secure your place. Please note that we reserve the right to refuse a booking request. By making a booking you accept all our Terms & Conditions as below.

When riding a motorcycle in France, you are required to wear an approved safety helmet with reflective decals and you must wear protective gloves. If you hire a CRMT motorcycle, it is obligatory to fulfil these requirements and laws.



Upon receipt of your booking form we will send you an invoice with our account details for you to pay the deposit. Payment should be made to CRMT Motorcycle Tours business account at the BNP Paribas bank. There is also the option to pay by credit card using SumUp; note a fee of approximately 3% will also be charged.



Upon receipt of payment of the deposit we will send you a booking confirmation with details of the balance due which must be paid ninety days prior to your arrival. Failure to pay the balance when due may result in cancellation of your booking. Payment in full is required for a booking made less than ninety days prior to arrival.


Hiring a CRMT Motorcycle

When hiring a motorcycle from CRMT it may only be used during the tour days and whilst with the group. Our motorcycles are not for private use.

A €1,500 Damage Excess Deposit is required before any riding takes place. You must provide a copy of your passport, a valid Driving Licence and International Driving Permit with the correct endorsements by email before your tour. All original documents must also be provided on arrival. All mileage is included within the CRMT hire price.


Cancellation Request and Charges

We aim to accommodate your needs when you book with us and put a lot of time and effort into the planning and preparation of your tour.

Unfortunately, when a client cancels without giving adequate notice, it prevents another client from being able to tour with us which has an impact on our tours and services. This cancellation policy is used as a way of respecting the time commitment involved and explains the process for requesting a cancellation and the fees applicable. This policy is used in fairness to both our business and the clients who would otherwise have wanted to tour with us.

If a Participant cancels a tour the following charges will be levied:

  1. Your deposit is refundable up to six months prior to the Tour start date. After this date the deposit is non-refundable.
  2. Less than ninety days but more than thirty days’ notice, cancellation charges of 50% of the total Tour cost.
  3. Less than thirty days’ notice, cancellation charges are 100% of the total Tour cost.
  4. If you have to cancel your confirmed booking with CRMT, we will endeavour to rebook your place within the group. If this is successful, we will refund your money paid to date, less any incurred marketing and administration expenses. The tour will have to be fully booked for this to take effect.

In the event that we have to cancel a tour or there is a major change to the itinerary due to circumstances beyond our control i.e., “Force Majeure” events – which include, but are not limited to, war, threat of war, terrorist activity, natural disasters, industrial action etc then no refund or compensation payments will be made. Please ensure you have suitable travel insurance in place for such an event.

If balances are not paid when due (i.e. 90 days before the tour start date) then we will have to consider this as a cancellation and the deposit paid will be forfeited – as per the Cancellation Charges as previously set out.


Revision Fees

If after your booking has been confirmed, you wish to change to an alternative tour, you may do so subject to availability.

A revision fee of €200 will be charged for any alteration made to a booking after confirmation, in addition to the increased value of the booking, if any. Please refer to timescales mentioned. The cancellation policy may apply.


Your Responsibilities
You must be in possession of a valid passport (or visa if required) with at least 6 months validity remaining. You must bring the originals of your driver’s licence and International Drivers Permit with you, as well as your passport.

You must bring an EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) – or the replacement GHIC (Global Health Insurance Card) – this will be required in the event that you need medical treatment. Failure to do so will leave you liable for any medical expenses.

You should arrange suitable travel insurance to cover cancellation of your holiday and repatriation in the event of illness, accident or “Force Majeure” events.

We have a zero-tolerance policy for unacceptable behaviour whether towards ourselves, our motorcycles, other participants, or anyone else we come into contact with. If we deem your behaviour to be unacceptable, we reserve the right to ask you to leave the tour in which case no refund will be given.


You will be required to sign the following Disclaimer upon arrival:

Riders are deemed to be in control of and fully responsible for their motorcycle at all times. We have a zero- tolerance policy for unacceptable behaviour towards others. We reserve the right to ask you to leave the tour at any time if in our opinion your conduct is not that of a conscientious rider or your behaviour is unacceptable. In the event that you are asked to leave the tour no refund will be given.

CRMT Motorcycle Tours does not accept liability for any claims, actions, proceedings, death, injury, illness or damage howsoever caused other than through gross negligence.

You will be required to acknowledge that you have read, understood and agree to the above Disclaimer and that you have read and will respect each country’s Highway Code.


Our Responsibilities
We shall honour the tour itinerary as far as it is within our control. We cannot be held responsible for anything beyond our control e.g. the unavailability of any amenities or the closure of any attractions. Every effort will be made to find a suitable alternative to fulfil the itinerary.

In the event of an accident the appropriate course of action will be taken. This may involve a delay to the tour in the event that the emergency services are needed and your patience and understanding will be appreciated until the tour can continue as quickly as possible.


Complaints Procedure

In the first instance please make us aware of any issue whilst we are on the Tour. We will endeavour to resolve the problem immediately. Should you feel that we have in any way not met our obligations on the Tour then please put your complaint in writing to the following address:


CRMT Motorcycle Tours
220 Route de Lapoujade
Saint Vite

If you have any questions or concerns about our cancellation policy, please contact us at bikers@crmt.tours or call +44 (0)7881 906 284.

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