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We are Trev and Patsy, the founders and owners of CRMT and Caday Rouge Adventure Holidays which is now seeing its 15th year of offering amazing holidays! At its inception, the idea was for relaxing and fun breaks, where family and friends could get away from the everyday rituals of normal modern and hectic life and re-acquaint themselves with their family and friends in a beautiful location in this fabulous part of the world.

As with everything in life, things evolve and progress and now we offer Motorcycle Tours at fantastic prices and great value, with a commitment to luxury and quality. We have welcomed people from all over the world including the UK, Ireland, America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Our focus is for people to stay and enjoy themselves, breathing in fresh countryside air and having great fun and adventures with us, whilst learning some of the culture and history of these fascinating old countries.

our inspiration

Our inspiration has come from our own travelling and touring experiences and we are able to offer great motorcycle tours with the quality and luxury we have always expected.

Our huge passion for motorcycling gave us the initiative to form the first ‘Boutique Motorcycle Touring Company’ with unique originality. After a lot of hard work and dedication we are proud to offer amazing motorcycle tours with the option of an all-in-one tour package. We are a small company with huge passion and are committed to giving you the holiday you always dreamed of.

Our tours are unique as they are based at our wonderful accommodation, Caday Rouge, thus alleviating the pressures that most motorcycle tours bring of having deadlines of getting from A to B, regardless of the weather or how tired you are feeling. Our tours allow you the opportunity to ride in a relaxed fashion and offer you the luxury of support vehicles for your comfort along with many other activities should the weather be unkind.

Our Philosophy: Motorcycling is a fun, social and recreational activity. We all pass each other on the open road and wave, we stop and have a coffee and chat and we help each other when in need. We want to bring likeminded people together to tour and enjoy this magnificent part of the world with us. Having lived, explored and breathed this beautiful country for many years, we have chosen some fabulous and fun motorcycle holidays that we want to share with others. This may not be the Grand Canyon or Route 66, actually, it’s better and it’s literally our back garden!

We have been visiting France and Spain since 1988 and owned Caday Rouge since 2003 and have gained an immense amount of knowledge to enable us to escort you to the most secret and beautiful places within these impressive countries. 

We have been motorcycling to an advanced level and touring throughout the UK, Western Europe and USA for over 35 years. Our biking experiences are immense and have been great fun, our expectations have been high, but not always satisfied. With this in mind we have tailored and designed our tours around these experiences and more so, our expectations of high quality, good standards and having fun, along with great value for money.

The rest is up to you to find out, come and meet us and enjoy this fantastic region of France, Northern Spain, Andorra and the Pyrenees Mountain Range on one of our amazing tours!

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